English Manual Needle RF Machine

English Manual Needle RF Machine


Weight 100-1000kg, 2000-3000kg
Voltage 110V, 230V
Condition New
Automatic Grade Automatic
Power 1-3kw, 6-9kw
Driven Type Electric
Warranty 5 Years

Before Transportation

  • The distilled water should be cleared before transportation.
  • Open the distilled water discharge valve[5] as the picture shows (turning it to the counter
  • clockwise and the pull out the stopper), discharge the distilled water, move the machine to
  • help the distilled water get out completely.


  • While discharging the distilled water, the Cool & Heat work hand-rod should be placed at
  • the handle support.

Steps of Add Distilled Water

  • Use distilled water or deionized water;
  • Make sure the distilled water discharge valve[5] is closed;
  • Use special funnel to connect to distilled water inlet[3];
  • Add distilled water or deionized water from the funnel;
  • Add liquid until the level of the distilled water level window[7] arrive at 4.5;
  • Add cooling fluid successfully first time;
  • Connect power supply line[9], turn on general power switch[8]. Input password “000000" to
  • enter interface as (Fig 1) shows, click on “Set” to enter interface as (Fig 2) shown. Click on
  • “Liquid setting" to enter interface as (Fig 3) shows, click on "Start" to become counter down.
  • When stopped, please observe the status of distilled water level window, if it doesn't arrive at
  • level 4.5, please add cooling fluid again until the level is above 4.5 ,then take off the funnel.


  • Add about 1L distilled water or deionized, change the water after one week.
  • When could not add into the distilled water, please open the distilled water discharge
  • valve[5], Add the distilled water and observe the valve. when the liquid is smooth
  • outflow, blocked it and continue to fill...
  • If do not use the apparatus 15 days or above, we are recommended to put the distilled
  • water clean and clear.

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